Fire Extinguishers Servicing And Maintenance

Portable Fire Extinguisher Service & Maintenance

Fire extinguishers form a vital part in protecting your staff and business in the event of a fire. A fire risk assessment will dictate images28J5J6T1the appropriate type and number of fire extinguishers necessary to provide a suitable / sufficient cover for the premises.

To ensure you are fulfilling fire safety obligations, you must have regular servicing of your fire extinguishers to make sure they will function as designed when they are needed most.

Types of Service

  • Installation & Initial Service- All new extinguishers should be subject to an initial service, or commissioning, prior to installation. A competent fire extinguisher technician should undertake this work. All new extinguishers should be provided with a British Standard Kite Mark and be to BS EN3.


  • Annual Service- All fire extinguishers should be maintained in an efficient working order and good repair. The minimum expected level of servicing of fire extinguishers should be annually by a competent service technician, in accordance with BS 5306 Part 3 2009. A record of the service should be updated on the service maintenance label, in the fire log book for the site and a certificate for the servicing visit should be provided.


  • Extended Service - After 5 years all stored pressure extinguishers (expect CO2) should be subject to an extended service that will include a discharge of the pressure in the unit and a full inspection of the internal condition of the unit. CO2 extinguishers should be subject to an extended service after 10 years.


How Fire Safety Risk Management Can help

Fire Safety Risk Management offer a range of fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance contracts to inspect and maintain all your extinguishers, providing peace of mind that they will work correctly in an emergency situation.

All our extinguishers comply with the BS EN3 British and European standards and are easy to operate and control.

Your fire extinguishers will need to be inspected and serviced annually by a fire extinguisher professional to meet current British Standards. All of our qualified engineers are BAFE certified and fully qualified and will ensure that your equipment is maintained to BS5306 and ready when needed.

On completion we will provide you with a certificate of inspection to evidence the work carried out.

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