Fire Warden Actions On Discovering A Fire

fire warden actionsThis blog looks at the fire warden actions that should be taken in the event of a fire. Every individual fire warden will have different roles in a fire situation. The key thing to remember is that your safety is paramount and you must only fulfil your role if you feel it is safe to do so.

Fire Warden Actions- On hearing The Alarm

Investigating the alarm

Trained fire warden actions will include investigating the activation of the alarm by attending the area highlighted on the fire alarm panel to ensure it is not a false alarm and providing further information on the need to evacuate the premises.

Sweeping zones/floors

Fire warden actions are vital to help people evacuate the building in the event of a fire. A common fire warden action is to sweep pre-set areas, zones or floors to ensure that the building occupants are leaving the building. Where provided your high-visibility fire warden jacket could be vital in preventing panic and ensuring your advice is heeded. Try to keep it to hand.

If you find a fire during a search, make sure that you report it before fighting the fire (if it’s safe to do so). Otherwise the fire warden action can be to report that their areas are clear at the assembly point, or in the event that they couldn’t check their area because the fire was there they would report that they have not checked their zone.

Fire warden actions include asking people to leave the building do not put yourself at risk. If they refuse to leave you should move onto the next room or area and report the incident to the chief fire warden, the person in charge of the evacuation or your manager as soon as safely possible.

Closing windows and doors may be fire warden actions whilst carrying out  sweeps of areas checking for people if safe to do so. Closing windows and doors limits the amount of oxygen available to the fire and restricts the spread of smoke and heat.

Switching off gas/electricity

Switching off the gas and electricity supplies can remove fuel from the fire and restrict its growth. Fire warden actions should be to do this if they feel it is safe to do so alongside turning off any other non-essential items of equipment or processes. Any flammable materials – particularly liquids – should be put into an appropriate store if time permits.

Fire Warden Actions- Managing People

 Roll calls

Once outside, fire warden actions continue to ensure that, whenever possible, all building occupants are accounted for. There are two types of system commonly used for this:

• a full roll call of individuals; and

• fire wardens sweep areas and report them clear.

 Meeting the fire brigade

Although sometimes undertaken by a senior member of staff or a supervisor, fire warden actions may be required to meet the fire and rescue service and direct them to the building and where possible explain where the fire is and any hazards that are in the building. Anybody who is unaccounted for or any areas that remain unchecked should be reported to the fire service officer in charge.

 Preventing re-entry

In some establishments fire warden actions may include securing tills or other valuable equipment, or even securing the building as a whole.

It is common that members of staff or the public will try to re-enter the building in the event of a fire. They may want to search for friends or relatives, fetch personal belongings, return to a queue or simply get warm. Fire wardens have a key role to play in restricting re-entry to the building, but they should not put themselves at risk in so doing.

Looking after people

Some vulnerable groups will need constant supervision and reassurance. A fire warden may also be responsible for this task, along with helping any members of the public who may have concerns.

Fire wardens actions may have a number of roles in the event of fire including checking zones, taking roll call and meeting the fire and rescue services. Remember your safety is paramount, and your fire warden duties must only be fulfilled if it is safe to do so.

Contact Fire Safety Risk Management for more information on fire warden actions on discovering a fire and staff training.


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