Fire Warden Duties- Routine

fire warden duties This blog covers the fire warden duties that are commonly carried out by fire wardens across their area of responsibility. It may be the case that one or two fire wardens will carry out the majority of fire warden duties, or it may be that they have responsibility for one or even none of the following. Fire wardens need to be clear as to what their fire warden duties are.

Fire Warden Duties- Routine Checks


As covered in an earlier blog there are many different types of detectors used for recognising a fire in its early stages and raising the alarm, but in the average workplace it is likely that either smoke or heat detectors are in place. Fire warden duties may include detector checks . It is important that fire wardens have a basic understanding of how different types of detectors work and this knowledge can help them in limiting false alarms.

For both heat and smoke detectors, fire warden duties should include a visual check for damage and to ensure that the detector has not been covered. A check of the addressable panel should also be made, where appropriate, to ensure that no faults are registered.

 Alarm systems

Certain checks should be carried out on the fire alarm system. Fire warden duties should include a visual check of the alarm panel should be carried out daily, and any faults reported to the company that maintains the alarm system. Once a week, the alarm should be tested from a different call-point in rotation.  every five years.


Every month, fire warden duties should be to carry out some basic checks on the fire extinguishers.  It should be remembered that extinguishers can differ dependent on type and manufacturer; not all models will have a ‘used’ indicator or pressure gauge.

Extinguishers will be covered in more detail in further blogs.


Every month fire warden duties will include checking emergency lighting units is required to test them, typically via the fish-shaped key switch to make sure that they work. A visual check of charging indicator lights where fitted should also be carried out on the units on a daily basis.


Every week fire warden duties will include inspecting any fire doors held open by electromagnetic devices should be released and allowed to close. Once this has happened a check should be carried out to ensure the door closes fully. Fire doors should also be visually inspected for signs of warping or damage and the intumescent strips and cold smoke seals checked to ensure they are intact.

Escape routes

It is recommended that fire warden duties include a daily or at least a weekly check of escape routes is carried out and the results of these checks recorded, however it is advisable that the checking of escape routes is a continuous activity. All fire wardens should remain vigilant for blocked escape routes or missing equipment and to report any such incidents immediately.

 Fire Warden Duties- Recording and reporting

Although the maintenance and housekeeping checks described above should be routinely carried out, it is everyone’s responsibility to remain vigilant for any faults and to report them to their line manager or fire warden immediately.

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